Recycling Services

EnviroTech Environmental Services, Inc transports Universal Waste (fluorescent lamps and batteries) to a dedicated permitted recycling facility. For each pick up, customers are provided a “Certificate of Recycling” showing all lamps and batteries recycled. If you are not in Georgia, you can participate in our mail-in program for lamps from anywhere in the continental United States. EnviroTech can provide you with a complete battery recycling program for your Company to recycle both dry and wet cell batteries.

We offer a complete oil absorbent recycling program. We provide you with the absorbent pads and drums for your oil absorbent recycling program. We will pick up used pads and replace them with recycled pads on an as need basis. We make the oil absorbent program easy and reliable to fit your business needs.

EnviroTech can provide you with an electronic component recycling program for your company for properly disposing of old office equipment and computers in an environmentally friendly manner.

We provide used oil and antifreeze recycling using our vac truck service. We ensure that we properly remove the recyclable item, prepare the correct manifest (or bill of lading), and ensure the material is recycled.

EnviroTech also offers an oil filter recycling services to assist you in properly recycling used filters.

For questions on our recyclable program, contact one of our knowledgeable staff members.